The St Peters flask is a replica of a bottle from Gibbstown, near Philadelphia which dates from 1770. It was produced for an innkeeper with a tidewater inn on the Delaware River.

Winter Ale – ABV 6.5 %: Smoked coffee aroma and slightly acrid flavors emerge.

English Ale – ABV 4.5 %: “Organically produced” Roasted grain nose has a smoked ham note.

Golden Ale – ABV 4.7 %: Pale Malt, Goldings & Challenger hops.

Old-Style Porter – ABV 5.1%: A Blend of young light and mature dark ale.

Cream Stout – ABV 6.5%: Rich, dark, aromatic, creamy stout.

India Pale Ale – ABV 5.5%: brewed with Suffolk malt