Kellerbier Kellerbier

Kellerbier – ABV 5.4%
Dark golden-brown hue. Pours with a foamy white head. Spicy aromas follow through on a medium-bodied palate with a creamy mouthfeel and dry, toasty finish showing a hint of hop character. An all natural dark beer which is brewed from an old recipe handed down from our ancestors. it is fine filtered, spiced with the finest hops and lavish malt. It has a full-bodied aroma.

Lager Lager

Lager – ABV 4.6%
Light golden hue. Clean pale malt aromas follow through on a crisp, snappy medium-bodied palate with light hops bittering. Light gold colour, mild taste and mellow finish making for a highly drinkable style. It has a nice foam-like head when poured.

Mad-King's-Fest Mad King Fest

Mad King’s Fest – ABV 5.5%
The Mad King Fest Beer aroma and taste are exactly in line with each other. Very straightforward bready and biscuity with a mild hop presence that makes it so drinkable. This is the German way.
This Festbier is a very Bavarian-specific style of the region’s seasonal offering. While it may be reminiscent of a Helles (Lager) style in representation, it is stronger. It is very unique, refreshing, well-made, and wholly enjoyable.

Schwarze-Weisse Schwarz Weisse

Schwarze Weisse – ABV 5%
Dark wheat beer with a dark golden-brown hue. Amber hue with a spicy toasted malt flavour. Fermentation occurs with yeast in the bottle. Non-filtered beer. Pours with a foamy-like head.

Weissbier Weissbier

Weissbier – ABV 5%
500ml – Light gold color with a traditional light yeasty flavour.