jenlain-blonde Jenlain

The brewery’s principal product, Jenlain Bière de Garde, derives its name from that of the northern French farming town in which the brewery is located-Jenlain, near the Belgian border.

Brasserie Duyck dates back to 1922 and is credited with setting the stage for a French specialty brewing renaissance that began in the late 1970s with the serendipitous success of Jenlain Bière de Garde. The brewery had historically produced standard lager beers until the unexpected success of Jenlain Bière de Garde ultimately redefined them as a leading French specialty beer producer.

Bière de Gardes were traditionally poured from casks and served for immediate consumption. Brasserie Duyck began to bottle their Bière de Garde in the late 1940s, making it the first to become widely available and therefore setting a standard for the style. Jenlain Bière de Garde existed as a little-known specialty until, by chance, it became a cult favorite with the student population of nearby Lille, the cosmopolitan capital of northern France.

The popularity of Jenlain Bière de Garde transformed the brewery from a small operation to a large regional brewery producing approximately 100,000 HL (85,000 US barrels) in 2009, the majority of which is Jenlain Bière de Garde. The brewery also produces seasonal brews such as Bière de Noel (Christmas), Bière de Printemps (springtime), and many others. Duyck also produces various labels under contract for other brewing entities.